Katsho to Ngopa

Ascent & Descent
1,169 m
Max Elevation
3,790 m


This 8 hour hike from Haa to Paro will treat you to incredible views of the Haa and Paro Valleys; as well as to panoramic views towards the Himalayan range from Kaleyla at clearer times of year. You will also see Bjungneydra (“The Mini Taktsang on the cliff”) in the distance.


Start your journey on this ancient and historic route. For generations, people of Haa have journeyed across this trail to barter with Parops. They bartered 20 drey (approximately 30 kilograms or 66 pounds) of Shakam (dried meat) for 20 drey of rice at Paro Tshongdu (market) because harsh climatic conditions in Haa prevented local paddy cultivation. This old trail gently rises from the Katsho Valley along the idyllic river valley of Haa through the yak pastures into the pine and rhododendron forest. While walking on the Trail in Katsho Valley, do stop to embrace the view of Bjungneydra often referred to as “The Mini Taktsang” on the cliff. The Trail then keeps ascending all the way to the top of Kaleyla from where the route crosses the ridge trail between Chelela and Sagala and descends through Rhodo and bamboo forest deep into Paro Valley.

At the Kaleyla Pass, watchout for the breathtaking views of Mount Jomolhari (7,314m/23,996ft), Mount Jichudrakegang (6,794m/22,290ft) and Mount Tsherimgang (6,789m/22,273ft). This is also a perfect lunch stop. We would recommend you carry packed lunches as there aren’t any restaurants or human settlements along this part of the Trail. Before you head out for your journey, you can get a pre-expedition blessing for a safe journey at Lhakhang Karpo. At the end of the day, you can also relax your muscles from the stress of the day with a hot stone bath in Ngopa.


Known to the local community as “Mini Taktsang” Jungney Dra is the sacred residence of 100,000 dakinis. It houses the right footprint of Khandro Machig Labdron and the imprints of Guru’s back from when he was resting against the rock. Guru is believed to have subdued a demon here and the marks of its fangs and eyes are still visible today. 

Distance in km: 17 kilometres (10.57 miles)
Elevation Gain: 1,169 metres (3,835 feet)
Starting Elevation: 2,801 metres (9,190 feet)
Ending Elevation: 2,380 metres (7,809 feet)
Maximum Elevation: 3,790 metres (12,435 feet)

Meals Included: No Meals

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